A Full Service on any Car or Van for 99 + Parts + VAT with free MOT (YOU ARE ONLY PAYING FOR THE LABOR UP FRONT WHEN MAKING A BOOKING).
Service Details:
Check all lights. Replace bulbs if needed. Remove wheels & check tyre pressures. Clean out Brakes. Inspect, lubricate, adjust & report if new pads are needed. Inspect brake lines. Check brake fluid for consistency. Check and adjust hand brake. Lubricate pivot points. Grease up all copper brake lines to stop corrosion in future. Check tires for ware and damage and report. Check exhaust system. Lubricate all door and boot pivot hinges. Inspect clean or change air filter. Drain engine oil fit new filter and refill with new oil. Check fuel system for leaks and change fuel filter. Inspect, clean or change cabin filter (pollen filter). Change spark plugs or if diesel check glow plugs and report if faulty. Check ht leads. Check power steering for leaks and top up fluid. Check battery for acid level top up if needed and security. Check radiator for leaks and fluid for anti freeze strength. Check windscreen for damage report and check washer bottle for fluid and add screen wash if needed. Check wiper blades for ware and change if needed. Check horn & reversing lights. Check body of vehicle for loose panels and secure. Check suspension for damage and leaks. Check wheel alignment (visual) and report. Check inside of car for faulty seat belts and security of steering and instruments. Fit engine diagnostic machine check for faults report and reset service lights and fill in and stamp factory service book! Road test car and fill in service report.
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