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Predator Motorsport since 1977

Predator Bespoke Motorcycle Exhaust Systems hand made in England By Predator Motorsport. A Family run Company Founded by Engineer Colin Fitch in 1977 a very accomplished Motor Engineer specializing in sequential gearboxes for motorsport he wanted something different for his custom motorcycle in the Exhaust department but could not find anything. So being him decided to make his own ! This is the man who could not find undersized crankshaft main and big end barring shells and split cam chains back in the day so designed and manufactured them himself then produced them for the open market (Widely used by everyone today ) so instead of just messing around so he borrowed 100k brought a Automated Mandrell pipe bender, welders, polishing machines and set to work one year in found there was a market for the custom boys choppers, sidecars etc so went one better built his own Dynometer that could take a 18 foot long chopper and a 6 foot wide side car outfit !! first in world back then. (previously before digital computers built a motorcycle water pressurized dyno to test the Kawasaki Z1300 Twin turbo, Mono shock Conversion he built For a celebrity client in south Africa the Avon Tyre Company had just brought out there Venom Super bike Tyre the bike was so powerful it tore them it bits at full power so much to Colin's annoyance had to Limit the bikes power in the end. Just a little about the main man still hands on today! Predator Manufacture all there 500+ Motorcycle Exhaust Systems by hand to order normally 7-14 working days. This attitude and work ethic has made them such a success that at busy times of year there can be a 3-4 week waiting list. Everything Predator Manufacture is in 300 series stainless steel and comes with the Famous Predator Lifetime warranty ! Predator now Manufacture exhausts for Cars, Trucks, Vans, Aeroplanes as well.